The Rocky Horror Show, Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury ★★★½


Reviewed for The Reviews Hub:

Vickers, in particular, captures the character perfectly, channeling a mix of Doris Day and Grease’s Olivia Newton-John, making the contrast with her sexual awakening all the more pronounced.

The glam spectacle inside Frank-n-Furter’s mysterious castle (a functional, if hardly ground breaking, set by Hugh Durrant) is enlivened by Kristian Lavercombe’s handyman-cum-butler Riff Raff and Sophie Linder-Lee’s Magenta, while Kay Murphy’s Columbia provides the show’s biggest applause moment with a frenetic solo dance number that is as gloriously bonkers as the show deserves.

…Despite the limitations of this production, the glories of O’Brien’s music revelling in its heady mix of 1950s rock & roll and 1970s camp shine through throughout. This may not be the best production of The Rocky Horror Show that theatres have seen, but it provides enough high spots for fans to adore.

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