Julius Caesar, Bridge Theatre, London ★★★★

The Bridge Theatre shows off its flexibility with a fast-paced promenade version of Shakespeare’s play


The Crystal Egg, The Vaults, London ★★★

Reviewed for The Reviews Hub: HG Wells’s short story The Crystal Egg, first published in 1897 as his better-known work The War of the Worlds was being serialised, can be thought of as a companion work to the author’s novel of Martian invasion. Its tale of a device which offers visions of life on Mars…

Bananaman: The Musical, Southwark Playhouse, London ★★½

Reviewed for The Reviews Hub: If you thought pantomime season was over for another year, think again. Southwark Playhouse’s latest musical Bananaman, based on the DC Thompson comic strip that now resides in the Beano after life in the now-defunct stablemates Nutty and the Dandy, is firmly in the over-the-top, child-friendly silly comedy vein. The…